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Understanding How to Compete in Craps – Hints and Strategies: Casino Chips or Casino Cheques?

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Casino personnel usually refer to chips as "cheques," being of French background. In reality, there is a distinction between a chip and a cheque. A cheque is a chip with a value printed on its face and is forever worth the value of the written denomination. Chips, however, do not have values printed on them and any color can be worth any dollar value as defined by the croupier. For instance, in a poker tournament, the dealer may define white chips as 1 dollar and blue chips as 10 dollars; at the same time, in a roulette game, the croupier might value white chips as $0.25 and blue chips as $2. An additional instance, the cheap red, white, and blue poker chips you buy at the department store for your weekend poker game are referred to as "chips" due to the fact that they do not have denominations written on them.

When you put your cash down on the craps table and hear the dealer say, "Cheque change only," he's just informing the box man that a new individual would like to trade $$$$$$ for chips (cheques), and that the $$$$$ on the table is not part of the action. $$$$$$ plays in a majority of betting houses, so if you lay a five dollar bill on the Pass Line just before the hurler rolls the bones and the croupier doesn't exchange your cash for cheques, your cash is "in play." When the dealer announces, "Cheque change only," the boxman knows that your $$$$$$ is not in play.

In reality, in in real life craps rounds, we play with cheques, and not chips. Occasionally, a player will walk up to the the table, put down a one hundred dollar cheque, and inform the dealer, "Cheque change." It's amusing to pretend to be a newbie and ask the dealer, "Hey, I'm new to Craps, what's a cheque?" Generally, their comical answers will amuse you.

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