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Understand How to compete in Craps – hints and tactics: Take an Available Spot

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You observe a table with a few available seats. Which seat should you occupy? That's a matter of individual choice. Is there a beautiful man or lady gambling alone at one end of the table? Which individuals are smoking? Which appear to be careless? Who appear intoxicated or obnoxious? Select a seat where you'll feel the most comfortable.

I like betting on the end, immediately next to the croupier. On the end, I do not need to worry about individuals on either side of me. I don't like playing beside to the stickman as I constantly seem to get in the way of him trying to get the dice or moving the stick.

After playing for a bit, you will get a sense for your preferred position. You don't have an option when it is bursting. If you end up in a crappy spot (for example, an appalling person is near you), simply move to a further free location. If the table is full, hang out until somebody leaves and take their seat. Be aware of a player "coloring up," which is an indication that she's departing, and tell the dealer that you want to take over her seat. The dealer will then reserve that location and not allow a new individual to quickly take the spot. The dealer will gently request the new player to shift to the location that you leave. Obviously, when you change positions, do not forget to take your chips.

People next to you can affect your mood and entire betting experience. They can make it exciting or horrible. You may get trapped next to a chimney like heavyset player with awful body smell, or it could be a bunch of heavily drinking babes spilling out of their skimpy tops. So, choose your spot wisely.

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